Property Valuers Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

Busy weekend we’ve got a busy weekend mine so just for our listeners if anyone is ever interested in our how we build portfolio come along I’m now doing Saturday talk I got a last minute okay geek for sale a so I’m doing eleven o’clock on satellite beautiful two o’clock on Sunday you’re both of those yes I will be we can command say Day but we’re actually going to show the simulator software live it hasn’t we’ve talked about a lot on this podcast we’re going to show how we builds portfolio for two thousand.

Bucks week beautiful that’ll be well ever see two and then we’ve got dr. Andrew Wilson on sat afternoon and we are professional actor on stage like we’re highly organized I like everything waist exactly it’s smooth what am I talking about I’ll work that out on the plane on the way up no that’s not true I know what I’m talking about I’m like this podcast today we’re going to talk about an article.

That came out meteorologic certified property valuer perth a food additive in and from our make Cameron yep Cameron crush up that was released on the tenth of October and he asked the questions how many suburbs have seen median prices double over the past decade now before we answer it if I read the textbooks surely every property double sin years doesn’t well if you notice that that’s what everyone like everyone who is trying to push an agenda would like to make you think that it doesn’t matter what property you buy mate every property is a winner might I remember the first the first concept I heard from property was a yep it was seven properties in seven years and the sit in the first property by the time you get to your eighth will have grown so you go and harvest the equity in you in the first one and then then.