Are you thinking of buying or selling a property?

Brainpower now with the now international trade and border management with an ass series the next one and last one with a topic seeks tariff and that will be presented by an senior lecturer at Bryan Thomasin the seven tape about higher than Australian Eastern Standard Time thanks again and I’ll be closing the weapon and now have a great day welcome back today’s session I’m going to do something unusual something I try not to do I’m going to pick on a few investment banking valuations generally speaking I cut investment.

Banks a lot of slack because I understand that Property Valuation Sydney in the hands of an investment bank is more sales to an analytical device that the objective is to get a deal done and consequently I i know that asking bankers to to follow first-principles might be asking too much but once in awhile though when i get a you get a chance to look at investment bank evaluation i find it so outrageous that.

I contract strain myself and today’s one of those days a couple days ago I got my hands on the Tesla prospectors for at acquisition of Solar City and embedded in that prospectors were a couple of investment banking valuations that i want to focus on in today’s session and while much of what I’m going to say is about the specific bankers involved in this deal i think there’s a larger problem in acquisition valuations that we’ve got to come back and address if we want to use to actually make sense so let’s let’s let’s set the tape a few months ago Tesla spell in order to speak in a specifically on jun st teals announced that right after the close of trading that it planned to acquire Solar City inn exchange of shares . shares roughly around that of Tesla for every share of Solar City now you think what’s the big.